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The Affordovation Design division understands that existing systems that reply's on supplies.  However, lack of parts and diminishing supply chains threaten mission readiness requirements and bring about new challenges to sustaining engineering and logistics strategies.  The goal is to assist you | customer with logistics by providing efficient processes and procedures while being sensitive to cost issues.

Office Reconfiguration

Space Re-Configuration | Alteration

Management | Space Re-design | Consulting | Analysis | Estimating | Site Supervision | Coordination | Scoping | Support

As your business changes, so do your office furniture requirements and the physical layout of your space.  Sometimes reconfiguring a space or the actual modular components of your furniture itself, helps recapture efficiencies that have been lost over time. 


Change is constant.  Reconfiguring your office space does more than help you overcome the challenges that come with that change.


Affordovation Design division can help.  Working from your existing layout plans, we tear-down, change, install and move any cubicle or furniture set-up to meet your current space needs.

Workplace Design | Consulting | Management

Management | Space Planning | Consulting | Analysis

It isn't always possible for everyone at a college, university, and office to have all the space they want.  Who doesn't want a bigger office, newer classroom, offices and better equipped lab?


What is important, however, is that the institutions have the space it needs. The right quantity and type of space is important for universities, and offices to successfully fulfill its mission.  Because we live in a time of limited resources, effective management of existing inventory is crucial.   Space is dynamic and changes can occur quickly.


Affordovation Design division approaches these challenges with the mind set of maximizing your current space to fit your needs.  Our goal is to maximize the use of available resources at the forefront, communication and collaboration between the space users to quickly map out the functionality, and usage of actual space needed becomes an indispensable tool for managing space within any facility, office or school complex and is an ongoing process.

Workplace Design
Logistic Moves

Moves | Logistics | Storage

Commercial Moves | Residential Moves | Furniture Acquisition | Clearing | Storage | Relocation

A person's work environment is very important. After all, we spend nearly as much time at work as we do at home. According to a recent North American Survey, nearly 50% of workers rank their work environment as the most critical element of job satisfaction. In fact, they ranked environment above praise and recognition, compensation and benefits, job security, and promotions.


Affordovation Design division works with you to understand your business and to help identify your major goals and objectives in your work environment. We can help maximize your existing space by relocating existing furniture, ordering and installing new furniture, and coordinate all aspects of a business relocation | move.

The Gallery | Acquisition

Lateral File | Task Chair | Teaming Station | Private Office Suite | Executive Office Suite | Teleworking Station | Benching Station | Collaboration Station | Regular Cubicles

This gallery is a suggestion of what Affordovation Design division can offer; by providing a segment of the type of office furnishing that can be used to staff an office.

Laterial File Cabinet

Lateral File

Telework Station

Teleworking Station

Task Chair

Task Chair

Collaboration Station

Collaboration Station

Teaming Bench

Teaming Station

Executive Office Suite

Executive Office Suite

Cubicle Work Bench Station

Benching Station

Private Office Suite

Private Office Suite


Regular Cubicles

Executive Office Task Chair

Executive Office Chair

At the Affordovation Design division we take the guess work out of the buying process.  Our office cubicles can be custom fit and designed specifically for your office space. Each office cubicle is designed by a trained professional into your floor plan and colors chosen by you or one of our designers. Cubicles come in virtually any size including 5X5 cubicles, 6X6 cubicles, 6X8 cubicles and 8X8 cubicles to name a few.

Office Furniture Suite

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