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About Us

About CET Management Solution LLC

CET Management Solution LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that offers a wide range of services to federal, state, municipal, residential, and commercial clients. Our expertise spans management, engineering-architect, drafting, consulting, alterations, renovations, web development, furniture acquisition, and furniture installation.

Our Evolution

What began as a private and commercial construction company has evolved into a comprehensive Construction, Environmental, and Technology firm. Today, we possess the knowledge and skills required across all relevant project disciplines.

Project Management Excellence

At CET Management Solution LLC, we have the competence to successfully manage projects throughout the United States and Canada. Our team is well-versed in multi-craft employment, enabling us to provide a wide variety of services. Whether it's single source turnkey installations or large specialty subcontracting, we have the capabilities to meet diverse project requirements.

Commitment to Quality

We take pride in being an SDVOSB and are fully committed to delivering high-quality services to our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding our clients' expectations in every project we undertake.

Our Services

At CET Management Solution LLC, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients:

  • Management Services: We excel in project management, ensuring efficient and successful completion of projects.

  • Engineering-Architect Services: Our skilled professionals provide expert engineering and architectural services for various projects.

  • Drafting Services: We offer high-quality drafting services to support project design and planning.

  • Consulting Services: Our experienced consultants provide valuable insights and guidance for project-related matters.

  • Alterations and Renovations: We specialize in alterations and renovations, breathing new life into existing structures.

  • Technology Acquisition and Web Development: Our team can assist in acquiring technology solutions and developing user-friendly websites.

  • Furniture Acquisition and Installation: We provide seamless furniture acquisition and installation services for various settings.


Partner with CET Management Solution LLC

Regardless of whether you are a federal, state, municipal, residential, or commercial client, we have the experience and resources to fulfill your project requirements. Contact CET Management Solution LLC today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving success with your next project.

We Are CET Management Solution LLC - Your Partner in Success!

The Company

CET Management Solution LLC is a corporation that offers a wide range of technical and managerial services through its four specialized divisions. Our company is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients, whether by providing individual department services or by collaborating across divisions.

Our Divisions

  • Project Management: We have a team of experienced project managers who excel in overseeing and executing projects of all sizes. From initial planning to final delivery, we ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

  • Environmental Management: Our specialists are well-versed in environmental regulations and practices. We help clients navigate through complex environmental issues while promoting sustainability and compliance.

  • Planning, Design, and Construction: Our division focuses on providing comprehensive services in the fields of urban planning, architectural design, and construction management. We aim to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that align with our clients' visions.

  • Logistics and Information Technology Strategy: With our expertise in logistics and information technology, we optimize supply chain processes and develop strategic IT solutions to enhance operational efficiency and improve overall business performance.


Our Commitment to Excellence

At CET Management Solution LLC, we understand the criticality of meeting deadlines and delivering quality results. That's why we offer a dependable competitive edge to our clients. We provide exceptional "backstage" assistance to our field operations, ensuring smooth project execution.

In the field, we maintain a consistent team of skilled artisans and project managers who work efficiently to complete projects promptly. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and efficient project management enables us to consistently exceed client expectations.


Client-Centric Approach

We take immense pride in providing our clients with the necessary skills and support to achieve their objectives. Our team of specialists is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project lifecycle.


By partnering with CET Management Solution LLC, you can elevate your company to the next level. We are committed to helping you succeed by providing the technical and management expertise required for your projects.

The Company

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