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Terms of Use Sub-Contractor Policy

Welcome to!  This site is owned by CET Management Solution LLC.  This Subcontractor Policy is designed to tell you about our practices regarding collection, use, and disclosure of information that you may provide via this site. Please be sure to read this entire Policy before using or submitting information to this site. This site is intended for use by residents of The United States.  Listings on this website are not an offer to sell services; rather, they are advertisements to receive offers.


CET Management Solution LLC department and any affiliates has the right to reject any or all bids.  The Subcontractor acknowledges that performance of the Work and Substantial Completion of the Project within the Subcontract Time is an essential condition of this Agreement. 


Following commencement, the Subcontractor shall carry the work forward with competent, adequate, properly skilled forces to maintain progress in accordance with the Project Schedule and any milestone dates. The work shall not be suspended or shut down, but shall progress continuously and expeditiously, unless otherwise approved by the prime contractor.


Should the subcontractor reasonably believe that it is entitled to an extension of time for completion of any portion or portions of the work, the subcontractor shall, within (24) hours after the occurrence of the cause of the delay, notify the prime contractor, in writing, of such belief.


Thereafter, the subcontractor shall within five (5) business days after the occurrence of the cause of the delay notify the contractor, in writing, of its contention setting forth: a. cause for delay, b. a description of the portion or portions of Work affected thereby and estimate of the probable effect of such delay on the progress and completion of the worked all details pertinent thereto. 


The Subcontractor agrees it will have no claim for an increase in the subcontractor amount for delay, disruption, interference, acceleration, or hindrance ("delay") unless proximately caused solely by the actions or inactions of the contractor’s subcontractor(s) and/or supplier(s) or Owner.


Further, subcontractor agrees that if Work falls behind the project schedule for reasons that are the responsibility of the subcontractor, and it appears that the work will not be completed within the subcontract time, as adjusted, subcontractor will as necessary, accelerate its effort at no additional cost to the contractor to improve its progress. contractor shall retain the right to, after 48 hour written notice, to take over and complete the work of this subcontractor. costs for this work are to be deducted from the monies owed Subcontractor for this contract.


If the prime contractor suspends, delays or interrupts the work for convenience, the prime contractor shall pay to the subcontractor the actual direct cost of such suspension, delay or interruption taking into account all relevant facts, and the subcontractor time shall be increased by the period of such suspension, delay or interruption. 


The subcontractor is hereby forbidden to communicate with client above about any parts of the contract mentioned; only to set up a work schedule or gain entrance. Any other communication shall be directed to the above-named prime contractor. 


The subcontractor is hereby forbidden to engage into any contract negotiations with the client for future work while under agreement between the Prime Contractor and Subcontractor.  I agree that the disclosure of private information, in any form (written, spoken, recorded, fax, e-mail, etc.) shall be cause for immediate dismissal by CET Management Solution LLC leadership, and said decision by leadership is final.


This authorization is valid for seven months from date of signature below and may be revoked at any time prior to the expiration by the CEO.  Additional authorization for disclosure beyond recipient is required.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on July 18, 2023.

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