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Commercial & Residential-Home Divisional Services 

Djs Affordable Contractor is a general contracting company that is knowledgeable in new construction and renovation services of residential and commercial properties. Whether it be a small retail space or a large apartment or building complex, we have experience in all types of commercial construction.  By offering our clients competitive pricing, experienced on-site supervision, reliable job performance, quality assurance, and efficient production schedules; DJS Affordable Contractor will continue surpass on our clients’ needs in the commercial construction market.​​  We can provide the following services in the following areas via maintenance request or on contract work:


Consultant | Advisor | Coordinator

The Commercial & Residential-Home division can provides highly experienced pr-construction managers and consultation with leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

In my experience, most construction problems result from differing expectations on the part of the owner and contractor – or architect if one if involved. Conflicts can be about the work itself, such as the size or location of a window or entire room (“That’s not what I thought it was going to look like”) , or conflicts can arise over project management issues, such as change orders, payment schedules, or other issues, usually involving money.

In remodeling jobs, tensions can arise over how the work is affecting the household – kids, pets, music, dust, and bathroom use are a few common concerns. Discovering that the backhoe operator has run over your prized flower garden is a bad way to start out a job.

The source of these conflicts is usually  poor communication, not bad intentions. Before anyone starts digging or hammering is the best time to clarify anything that is unclear in the plans or specs, and to identify and reconcile any potential job-site conflicts.

That’s why every job should begin with a pre-construction meeting – a few days to a week before work begins. The meeting helps both the owner and contractor, as neither party benefits from a surprises or conflicts that arise during the work.

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