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Commercial & Residential-Home Divisional Services 

Djs Affordable Contractor is a general contracting company that is knowledgeable in new construction and renovation services of residential and commercial properties. Whether it be a small retail space or a large apartment or building complex, we have experience in all types of commercial construction.  By offering our clients competitive pricing, experienced on-site supervision, reliable job performance, quality assurance, and efficient production schedules; DJS Affordable Contractor will continue surpass on our clients’ needs in the commercial construction market.​​  We can provide the following services in the following areas via maintenance request or on contract work:

Construction Manager-Supervisor

Manager | Supervisor | Coordinator

The Commercial & Residential-Home division can provides highly experienced construction managers and coordinator with leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

Working close to manage work quality and budget costs throughout a project and  oversee the work of supervisors and construction personnel who are performing the physical labor at a building site.

Our manager will confer with architects and engineers on the building process and prepare work schedules for contractors and laborers.  Thus responsible for properly estimating construction costs and ensuring work crews meet building deadlines, which can be stressful tasks to oversee. 


Our professionals are self employed, which can give them scheduling flexibility.  We have professionals that can travel to different construction sites, and many of these workers put in long work weeks.

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