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Providing Everything You Need For Technology Innovation Strategies Solutions

Cmstechovation Enterprise is a IT Service division | department focuses on the computing, networking, and application needs of any sized business.  Cmstechovation Enterprise division can deliver creative, scalable web designs and solutions that reflect the personality, needs, and vision of our client.

Structural cabling

Copper | Fiber | Coaxial | Network Fundamentals | Wireless Infrastructural | Horizontal Distribution | Backbone Distribution | Telecom Entrance Facilities & Termination | Data Center Build-outs | Relay Rack & Server Cabinet Installation | Cable Trays & Ladder Racks | Cable Management | Move, Add or Change (MAC) | Service Calls | New Construction | Telecom Rooms | Cable Removal | Industry Standard | Local & National Codes | Local Permitting

Let out experts provide with a free on-site or remote estimate while respecting social distancing. 

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Schedule a time for one of our experts to review your project and provide an on-site or remote estimate. 

Whether you need one (1) or 1,000 drops installed at your campus location or at multiple locations across our multi-state footprint, Cmstechovation Enterprise (CMSTE) is at your service.

Our multi-state, OEM certified and experienced field technicians, and Project Managers will be capable of planning, designing and installing your wired network infrastructure. Once installed, we can also maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade your system as needed. Our services include Cat5E & Cat6 cable installations, coaxial cable Installations, and fiber optic cable installations as well.

Cmstechovation Enterprise (CMSTE) Low Voltage Cable Installation Services



    • Connecting to the Internet or to a local Intranet is essential to any business office. CMSTE offers a full suite of services for local-area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN). Our technicians can install a new network or make changes to an existing one. CMSTE works with our business clients to provide the best solution custom tailored to their needs. One great advantage offered to our clients is a price per line. This allows clients to accurately budget for a project and to avoid any hidden charges.


    • Fiber-optic networks provide solutions where other networks fall short. Fiber optics can travel greater distances, perform at greater speeds, and withstand interference caused by heavy machinery or electrical lines. Our technicians are skilled at installing and working with fiber lines. CMSTE can help integrate a fiber-optic network with a local copper network, build a fiber network from scratch, or build a custom solution based on your business needs.


    • CMSTE provides a complete range of installation services geared towards needs of retail establishments and other businesses.  


    • Cmstechovation Enterprise (CMSTE) provides cabling installation services for commercial, educational, and industrial clients.  Our technicians will be BICSI® certified and trained in service voice, video, and data networks in environments ranging from small local businesses to learning institutions to large industrial facilities. Our subject matter experts can handle every aspect of network deployment, from the design and installation of a completely new network to simply extending a demarc to an existing network. Cmstechovation Enterprise specializes in providing technology solutions in a way that simplifies the process.

    • Demarc Extension Services– A demarc extension is a process of connecting your organization’s network to a data line – such as a T1, DSL, or POTS provided by the telephone company or another vendor. CMSTE has experiencing performing demarc extensions in many environments Including warehouses, offices, schools, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings.

    • Structured Cabling Installation – Our structured cabling services can plan, design, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade any size network. From 1 to 1,000 drops, our in-house technicians are ready to go to work for you.

    • Network Wiring Testing – Wiring infrastructure is the foundation for every network. Our services CMSTE include testing and certification of new or existing copper or fiber networks.

    • Wi-Fi Network Installation – CMSTE offers full-service wireless network implementation across the country. We can design, plan, and install your network from start to finish. Each wireless solution is custom designed to meet the challenges and needs of your location.

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