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Providing Everything You Need To Manage | Lead and Consult On Your Projects

Companies that understand the strategic potential of information and how it’s integrate it into everything they do. The ongoing information and how we used is vital to a company’s practice and investments, advancement of their business goals and work is seamlessly with current people and processes. But it's not always easy. Every industry has a unique set of dynamics, regulations and opportunities to manage. Strong relationships between personnel, information, leadership and fellow leaders are critical to success. And well-designed, properly executed dissimulation of information helps ensure the right resources are available when it counts, no matter what the industry dynamics.

Manager and Worker

Project | Program Management & Leads

Project Management | Construction Management | Facility Management | Architect-Engineer Planning | Construction Review | Space Management | Bid Package Development

Management Services includes phase studies, acquisition support, cost and schedule analysis, design-build and turnkey services, on-site field-level oversight, quality control, move in and start up, shake-down and commissioning  solution.  CET Management Solution LLC has the right company to complete the task

Environmental Lead | Asbestos Solution

Environmental Project Leads | Environmental Safety and Health | Rick Assessor | Sampling and Analysis | Asbestos and Lead Inspectors

As a minority business enterprise, the CET Management Solution LLC management division is aware of its origins and has embraced the EPA's strategy to "Work to reduce and prevent harmful exposures and health risks to children and under served, disproportionately impacted low-income, minority and tribal communities and support community efforts to build healthy, sustainable green neighborhoods." In all the CET Management Solution LLC management division, we embrace sustainable building methods and strive to give back to the communities we serve.

Insurance Consultation

Consultant | Management

CET Management Solution LLC division offer a combination of information and business advice on Strategic planning, decisive implementation and ongoing adaptability are the building blocks of a business successes. CET Management Solution LLC division brings clients industry-specific expertise in a range of services spanning construction projects, IT equipment deployment, environmental remediation and supply predictability advice for business applications.

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